Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well, it's day 4 and we're getting ready for our 2nd night at home. Hangin' in there ;). Last night Baby Jane's parents found it rather difficult to leave her alone in her little Moses crib that our friends Nick and Ashely Cheek loaned us, so she spent a great deal of the time in the bed with us (when she wasn't feeding). WE KNOW. Don't start bad habits. One thing to say about that...easier said than done! Here are a few more pics. If you're not annoyed with me (Will) yet, you will be. This baby girl has inspired a new desire to take pictures...something I've never experienced. It's amazing how every little movement seems priceless. Will this wear off? I don't see how!

First time in my little Boppy swing. I LOVE it!
My cousin Bois loves me.
And so does my cousin Katie...
Actually, they both do :)

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