Friday, October 2, 2009

Sip and See

On Thursday night Jane made her debut at a Sip and See given by the choir at Myers Park Presbyterian. They were so sweet to all of us and Jane loved meeting her most loving and adoring fans. They have taken such good care of us before, during and after this pregnancy. We could not be more grateful. We put on one of her most precious outfits. I tried to take pictures of her before we left but she was hungry and not in a good mood. However, you can see just how adorable she looked!

On a side note: This morning I walked in our room to find Will sweetly singing to Jane. He was right up in her face. To show her daddy her deep appreciation for his beautiful singing she proceeded to throw up right in his mouth! He didn't need to eat breakfast this morning!!!! Ok, that is gross.

My Daddy's haircut is making me scared.

Actually, it looks pretty funny.

Daddy always says, "A lady reveals nothing," but I'm too proud of my initials.

It's all about me! Thank you to the choir.

Excuse me, "Are you going to eat that last fry?"

Still wondering...

No, seriously.

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