Monday, January 4, 2010

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

Jane loved her first one! Santa was good to her and so were her grandparents! We got to see The Young crew before Christmas in Charlotte and we drove to Jacksonville to spend the holidays with the Ferguson side. I took Jane a couple days before and Will met us Christmas day. Poor Daddy was supposed to fly but his plane got cancelled and he left at 4 a.m. Christmas morning to be there for breakfast.
While it was just the girls, we decided to fill our days with cousin play dates, shopping and walking with cousin Ray. Jane got to meet her twin boy cousins Marshall and Landon along with her cousins Gray and Sutton. We also had a play date with her new friend Rex. My favorite babysitter growing up even brought her little girl over to play.
We started a new tradition, a cousins Christmas party, where Jane had so much fun exchanging gifts and watching her older cousins walk and crawl around her.
The family went to St. Augustine one afternoon. We were all sick with colds so didn't feel like doing much, but it was good to get out in the fresh air. We took a carriage ride, walked around the fort and went shopping at the outlet mall. : )
Daddy got a little man time, on the golf course, with cousin Matt and Wayne. I don't think they played that well (I can't speak for Matt), but they had fun!
We spent New Year's at Aix with Ray and her boyfriend Paul, Maureen and her boyfriend Travis, Travis' sister and fiance, Riley and Megan, Katie and Bois and two of Travis' friends from high school. It was so nice to leave Jane at home with her Granmommy and go out for a fun night with great friends.
Jane has gotten so big. I think she changes every week.
Here are some pics from the holidays. I think you will see the change.

Jane loves her new toy (well, friends gave it to us a long time ago, but we just took it out!)

She is big enough for her Jump Up!

Our carriage ride.

New Years Eve. Daddy and Mommy had a date.

The old fort. A little history.

The oldest wooden school house in the U.S.

Wayne, Jane and Granmommy out to dinner at Aix. Jane blew out a diaper just as we were leaving. We know how to leave our mark wherever we go.

Jane playing with Elizabeth (My babysitters daughter).

Jane's new Bumbo seat. She thinks she is such a big girl sitting up.

Cousins Christmas Party. We got them matching outfits. How sweet are they?! (Gray, Sutton and Jane)

Christmas Eve. Her new hat that Aunt Nicole and Uncle Vance gave her.

She didn't know what to do about those mittens on her hands. She is still figuring them out.

More jewels. Aunt Debbie made her a tiara of diamonds. Jane obviously doesn't mind much.

Jane fell asleep right before Christmas Eve dinner.

Sutton, Jane and Gray on Christmas Eve. It is tough to snap a picture of this bunch.

Our brown eyed girl.

Jane and Gray....bestest buddies.

Jane and Rex. She slept through the entire play date.

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