Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy 5 Ranch

The Grandparents are getting on to me to put up a video of Jane walking. I am sorry I am just now getting to this but the current condition of my house (aka: the secret life of hoarders) and the way I have been feeling combined with a new walker has not given me much time.....Well, I have tried for the video. It isn't working. I will keep working on it and edit this post when I figure out what is wrong. So frustrating.
We have been so busy around here. All of Jane's friends have turned 1 and we have had a birthday party every weekend! Jane LOVES birthday parties. She doesn't understand that we have to watch the birthday girl or boy eat his or her cake first and then she gets a piece. She goes nuts while the other child is devouring his or her cake. She has even gone as far as walking up to her friend's high chair and trying to snatch a bite off her tray. My mother did tell me when I was little she had to always buy me the same present as we bought the birthday girl because I didn't understand why it wasn't for me. Ok, so maybe it's in the genes.
We took Jane to Lazy 5 Ranch last Saturday. It was the neatest place. We didn't plan very well and we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into but we had a blast. You drive your car through this big piece of property with animals walking around EVERYWHERE. You can buy a bucket of food (which we made Will do) and feed the animals as you go. They just walk up to your car. Jane, who has become Dr. Dolittle had a blast. She would get some food in her hand and just let the different animals take it from her. As we got to the bigger more unpredictable animals Mommy had to roll the windows up. It kinda freaked me out to have a Zebra use your rear view mirror to get an itch. I also thought the Ostriches were a little crazy. I liked the deer, pigs, goats and anything that couldn't stick it's head in our car.
Enough talk, I know you want to see the video so here are some pics from the past couple of weeks.
Jane before church today. She looked so precious and so big. She isn't a baby anymore.

Check out that "Root Beer Belly." If you ask Jane where her "Root Beer Belly" is, she will pat it!

Swinging at the Lazy 5 Ranch. Of course Mommy had a farm dress for the occasion (consignment sale)!

This guy was going into sunroofs. We didn't wait around for him to come into ours.

He was pecking on our window. They were a little psycho.

The Zebras were the prettiest. They were too big for mommy to keep the windows down.

Jane after the Lazy 5 Ranch.

Pretty classic. Jane now hears Will playing the organ at church and goes nuts screaming, "Da Da!" Of course, it melts his heart.

Watching a little Blues Clues before bed.

War Eagle! She learned to do her hands in the "touchdown" position this weekend. This makes an SEC father so proud.

Granmommy let Jane take a bath in the sink. Jane refused to take a bath anywhere else for a few days. Do you see the mess it made?!

Whatever Jane wants, Jane gets!

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  1. That is so cool! How fun! I LOVE the new pics! That little stinker is still so tan..not fair!! By the way, Rainer has named all the babies around here Babee Jane! I have to explain to him that's not Babee Jane-ha! We miss you guys and love you all!