Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween, House, Thanksgiving and More

I get that I have been slacking a little on the blogging. It has been so crazy here. We have either been out of town or had company in town since October. And we are out of town this coming up weekend too so I figured I just needed to buckle down and blog.
I will start with Halloween. Jane LOVED her costume. She was a ladybug. She wore the costume everyday from the day I bought it to, well, we still are wearing it. She was a little unsure about everyone else in their costumes. Here friends didn't look like they normally do. But, in true Jane fashion she got over it and had a great time.
The Young's visited us for Will's birthday weekend. However, it turned into Will being bed ridden due to a bug that Jane and I passed to him and the rest of us having fun. After some rest for a day and a half he recovered and got to spend a little time with his mom and dad and celebrate his 32nd birthday! We had a great time with them and always love when they come for a visit.
For Will's birthday present I surprised him and found out we are having a BOY! We are so excited and can't wait for Phelps to make his debut. I gave him a framed picture of his boy parts for his present. The bug had already hit him but I made him open his present anyways because I couldn't keep it a secret any longer.
I am going to put some pictures up of our house. I have promised them for awhile and just haven't done it because we aren't 100% finished yet with any room but Jane's (of course).
Lastly, we just got back from Thanksgiving break in Jacksonville! We had a blast. We went to the zoo with Jane's cousin's Gray and Ford, hung out with family, watched the tigers kick Alabama's rear ends (WAR EAGLE) and ate WAY too much! I hope everyone had a great holiday and we can't wait to see everyone in Aliceville for Christmas.

Playroom.....I hope you can tell.

More playroom (the only other room we aren't touching anymore)

Slash office.

Dining room (getting a new light)

My little ladybug.....with the "Pappy" as she now calls it. This Pappy will be gone in a few months.

Got to bring the piano in for a little ditty.

My big girl in her new nightgown.

We couldn't really get a good picture of these two standing next to each other. They were best friends the whole week though.

Jane loved the zoo. She is a new fan of elephants but loved growling at the lions.

Will was by himself here. We couldn't get her away from them.

Yes, this is Jane feeding the giraffe.

Sweet Gray showing her teeth. We love our Gray.

Jane after the zoo.

Jane doesn't get the smile thing yet. Obviously, Gray has been trained.

Ugh, the pappy gets in the way of every picture.

Granmommy and Jane. Jane had the best time playing with her Granmommy.

Where's Jane?

Mom has a bunny statue that Jane was quite fond of.

Having an appetizer.

Our attempt to get a picture of all of the girls in their matching dresses. As you can see Gray is used to a baby crying as she just had a baby brother born. Jane is not.

Gray trying to comfort. Jane getting more irritated.

Gray consoling Jane panicking.

Our cousins Lisa and Lee have a dog named Bowie. We did this all weekend with Bowie. He loved it. He even let Jane push him around on Uncle Parker's walker.

The new victim named Molly. This time it was double the fun with Gray.

Jane liked how she was in control if the dog was in the wagon with her.

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