Saturday, February 5, 2011

What are we going to do with this girl?!

Jane has been keeping us on our toes more and more each day recently. This may be one reason I haven't had a second to blog. She keeps me laughing with new words, her fake laugh and her hilarious sense of humor.
She is currently obsessed with Elmo or, "Melmo" as she calls him and Cookie Monster or, "Cookeee." Anything Sesame Street and Jane is all over it. She also must have a bow in her hair every morning when she wakes up and sometimes needs one to take a nap. Her favorite color is purple and that is the only one she can say. She FINALLY started saying, "Mommy" and I am already thinking about changing my name. She is so observant it scares me and even more strong willed, which is absolutely frightening. We are really working on sharing right now and not using the word, "no." We made our first little boy cry today when she hatefully told him, "no" as he came to an area where she was playing (I was mortified).
This child loves some accessories. She is constantly adding things to her outfits. She still loves her $12.99 Halloween costume that I bought her from last year and wants to wear it EVERYDAY! Here are some pics of her recent outfit choices and just a couple more from the past months.

We were fully dressed when she insisted on putting on the costume. She loves to wear her Daddy's hats. Her "Sunday school shoes" were the only ones she wore until I took her into a shoe store today and she wanted to try on a new pair. So idiotically, I let her and she proceeded to tell her "SSS," "bye, bye." Needless to say Daddy let her buy the new shoes. I have got to learn how that girl does it!

One of her other outfits. She has on her "War Eagle" socks with her footed pajamas and her new Walmart Abby Cadabby bedroom shoes! And don't think she wasn't at our mirrored side table checking herself out. Like father, like daughter.

Are you seeing how much trouble we are going to be in later on down the road.....or NOW?

We went to Jacksonville for a baby shower and we finally got to play outside for a bit. She was in heaven.

Swinging with Cookee!

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  1. Oh, we love Jane and thinks she is such a sweetie. :) I love her fashion sense, too, you know!