Monday, March 8, 2010

Lots going on around here!

Things are going great in Charlotte since the last time we blogged. Our 1 year anniversary, doctors appointments, perfect weather, solid food, Kindermusik, a new cousin named Emery, getting ready for Easter and trying out our new bathing suit.
Will and I got to get away for a night for our anniversary. It was amazing. We went to dinner, had an amazing meal, wonderful Appletini's and slept in. Granmommy watched Jane and they had a big time. Granmommy put Jane through a little boot camp which has changed our lives. Jane now just goes right to sleep when we put her to bed. Thanks Mom!
Jane had her 6 month appointment last week. She is weighing in at 18.6 lbs, almost doubling her birth weight and she is 26 1/2 inches tall. This puts her in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. The down side was she had 4 shots, which were awful and a double ear infection. But overall, she is healthy and very happy.
She is sitting up, she screams "Da, Da" all of the time, she knows where Daddy, the fan and the light are and she is a total flirt. Here is a story: I am in Trader Joe's today in the check out line and I wasn't paying attention to her (she now sits in the buggy) and I look back and she has 3 employees talking and playing with her. She was going nuts, kicking her legs, laughing and screaming at them. She demands attention ALL OF THE TIME!!! We are in for it.
The weather here has been perfect. We spent the entire weekend outside with great friends and neighbors just enjoying the sun. We found ourselves at the park on Sunday and Jane has found a new love; swinging. We have now been twice and she can't get enough.
I feel like so much is going on, but I will spare you and just get to the pictures.

We are also growing some hair. We were joking around (playing dress up as usual) and attempted to stick a bow in her hair. It is hanging by a strand.

Jane loves the bath. She is all about her toys now. I can leave her in her room on the floor for a while and she will just play and talk to herself. It is great for me!

She would much rather drink her sippy cup than eat her dinner. We have to take it away from her so she will eat.

Avocado and cereal. Yummy!


Higher Mommy, higher.

My Easter bonnet. (playing dress up again.....I know)

Side view, how beautiful is this? Wait until you see the dress. It will be a surprise.

Happy Easter! Those are bunnies on my bubble. Thank you Aunt Kelly and Uncle John.

My bikini. I can't wait to show off my figure at the beach this summer. One too many fries. Thanks Jo Jo and Pop Pop. I love my suit.

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  1. Please put a bib on Sweet Baby Jane when she eats avocado and has on a nice dress! Love Granmommy