Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, what a week!

Let's go back to last Sunday.

The morning went way too well. Jane and I made it to church early enough so that we could stop by and see Daddy before the service started. I then took Jane to the nursery. She has only been a handful of times but she has already established herself as "Big Jaws Jane." As I am dropping "Big Jaws" off I hear the nursery ladies talking about a swing they needed help fixing. I immediately thought to myself, "Umm, I hope they don't put Jane in that." I handed her off and where does she go......right into the supposedly broken swing. My motherly instinct kicked in and I thought I should tell them not to put her in it. She isn't a small child and if it could be broken, that isn't going to be good. I didn't want to be THAT parent who tells others how to do their job, so I didn't say anything. Bad mistake. Always trust your gut. I didn't get through the first hymn before my cell phone was vibrating. Jane had fallen out of it.

Needless to say Jane fell onto the hard floor right on her cheek. Just like her father, she handled herself in an overly dramatic fashion and loved the attention of everyone feeling so sorry for her (hehehe). She has had a shiner all week! I have had to explain to everyone what happened so people don't think I clocked her (because that is exactly what it looks like).

On top of her accident, she got sick. She has had fever and been extremely congested all week. After two trips to the Dr. and 4 explanations (1 to each nurse and Dr.) of what happened to her face, she is finally on the up and up.

Jane started Kindermusik on Monday. She LOVES it. We sang songs, beat on a drum, danced and met some new friends. It was definitely a highlight! I will try and get some pics one week. Tuesday we are going to a Gymboree class. She is quite the social butterfly so I am sure she will enjoy it too.

Here are a few pics we have taken the past couple of weeks.

Jane's bunny coat. She loves the soft material and likes to try and eat it. Thanks Colvin Family.

Playing with her toys.

Her new hat.

She just looked cute this day so I took her picture. I know.....make fun.

Will was watching her while Mommy went to yoga. He always gets cute pics while I am gone.

This is how she was sleeping one day. It was so funny I had to take a picture even if it did wake her up.
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  1. I can't believe Jane got a shiner... sad! I'm glad she's ok. Sounds like she was tough though, despite a little drama! Sutton fell off the couch yesterday and has a nice welt on his cheekbone to show for it. :( I just want to eat Jane up in the new pink hat - SOOO cute. Miss you guys!

  2. LOVE the coat!!!! So happy it fits so well.