Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jacksonville Week and Gerber Photo Shoot

The Young house has been busy, busy, busy since the last time we blogged. I feel like we haven't had a minute of nothing in a long time.

Last week we went to Jacksonville for a long (well almost a week) weekend. Some cousins and I planned a baby shower for a cousin in law and her soon to be daughter, Lola. We had a great time down there with family, friends and lots of shopping.

Jane was involved in a Gerber Baby photo shoot on Tuesday for their Children's clothing line. Somehow Will and I were pulled into doing this too. It was a crazy morning. Will called and said someone wanted to see our house at 2 (you should have seen our house). I had to make sure Jane napped, I got dressed (I had a LONG way to go), Jane got dressed and we were all out of the house by 2. To make a long story short, they called me an hour before the photo shoot and told me to bring Jane in a pair of jeans. Now, if you have seen Jane's closet, we don't have jeans. So, like a good mother I rushed out the door to find her a pair of jeans. Jeans call at 2 and had to be there at 3:30. Meanwhile, Jane missed her afternoon nap and she ended up not even needing the jeans and the people cancelled the showing of our house! UGH!
The shoot was at 4, so you all know those tend to be the start of the witching hours. Jane had her moments, but they said they got what they needed. So, Jane could be showing up on your doorstep in a direct mailer they plan to send out later this year. We will definitely be on the Gerber and Gracco websites in May. How hysterical?! We will let everyone know!

Here are some pictures of the past couple of weeks.

Jane's blankie

A friend took some great pictures of Jane one night while we were in Jacksonville. That is a dress I wore as a baby.

Baby Mozart. This was a concert she did for us at 11 p.m. while we were home. A little bit off schedule.

Enjoying the Florida heat.

Getting a kiss from cousin Gray.

Touchdown! Jane doesn't know that trick yet.

A new permanent fixture to our mouth.

Kieran and Jane at the park.


  1. What a day! That cracks me up that they wanted her in jeans... Jane probably has every possible piece of clothing EXCEPT jeans - ha! I can't wait to hear more about the Gerber shoot. She is so precious - I want to eat her up!

  2. I love the popsicle dress! I had to laugh about the jeans. I know what you mean...MM never had a pair until she was about two & I still don't send her to school in them. It's strange how some people put kids in them at about 3 months old??? Jane is adorable!