Sunday, May 2, 2010

We have a CRAWLER!

Last Wednesday, May 28, 2010, Jane crawled just before her 8 month birthday. She did it in perfect Jane front of an audience. Her Aunt Carol was there to witness and keep me from crying in front of everyone at her children's dance class. It was great, she didn't stop once she got going. As you can imagine things are now pretty different around here. She only sits to take a break and it only lasts about a second. We posted a video below of her new found freedom.
We also took a trip to Highlands, NC with Uncle Vance and Aunt Nicole. We got some great pictures and had the best time catching up with them. Thank you again for having us!

Waterfall right on the highway.

Jane loving her mommy......her love is shifting towards her daddy lately.

Waterfall we hiked to. Jane was fascinated by it.

She loved the creek outside the house. I got some sweet pictures of her playing.

My sweet girl is getting so big.

We love our Aunt Nicole and Uncle Vance!

We may love chocolate milkshakes more.

This is how you teach your child to suck through a straw.

She likes to stand up in her stroller and HATES to be buckled.

She is a daddy's girl now.

Already pulling up on her kitchen. We are in trouble. I took the camera in her room to try and get her playing. Every time I held it to my face she would strike a pose.

Such a ham.

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  1. I love the crawling video! Way to go, Jane! She is getting so big - I cannot believe it. Love the way she hams it up for photos too. I have got to see her soon! Hope you guys are having a great time at the beach!