Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello, Hello, Let's Sing Together/ Jo Jo and Pop Pop Visit

I would have to say that the one thing Jane has enjoyed the most in her first year of life is Kindermusik! I mean she LOVES it. So much in fact that when we play the "Hello Song" in the car she cries towards the end because she knows it is about to end and we have to start the song over. We have listened to it so much that Will has asked to have a copy put in his coffin when he dies, just in case. I think 10 times in a row is our max and we have had to say enough!
She is also a bit obsessed with her teacher, "Mrs. Betsy." It may be a little stalkerish. She watches her the entire class. On our last class we had a substitute because Mrs. Betsy was sick and Jane gave the sub an evil eye the whole class because she knew something wasn't right. We start up our summer class in a few weeks but I put some pictures below of her spring class. We had such a great time with all of her new friends.
We have also had a great time this past week with Jo Jo and Pop Pop, Will's parents (if you don't know). Jane spent some serious time with them (thank the Lord Daddy and Mommy got a little break) and in combination with a week at the beach with Granmommy you can only imagine the how rotten she has become (not that she wasn't before). We went shopping, on walks, out to dinners, lunches and breakfasts (time for dieting again) and lots of putting around Charlotte. Thank you so much to Jo Jo and Pop Pop for all you did for us while you were here. We had a great time and love you both so much! We can't wait to see you again in a few weeks at the BEACH!
We also had our 9 month check up. Jane is growing like a weed although we are down in percentiles.....except head size. They didn't call my brother, Wayne the outboard motor for nothing. Jane is 19 pounds 15 ounces, 28 inches tall and 46 cm in head size. She is in the 75th percentiles for height and weight and 95th for head. She can blow kisses, point, wave bye-bye and click her tongue. She also loves to pull down her bottom lip with her fingers and make the, "bub, bub" sound. When Jane gets tired or is crying she tends to start doing her "tricks" all at once. It is quite hilarious.
Here are some pics from the past week...

Kindermusik class. It is tough to get all of the babies to sit still for picture.

Not when the moms hold them!

The outfit Jo Jo gave her.

Jane loves her Jo Jo and Pop Pop. Her eyes look like Pop Pop's in this picture don't you think?

Jane is into the flowers by our door. We got to dress up everyday Jo Jo and Pop Pop were here!

Her scrunched up nose smile kills me.

Had to take a picture of the back. I tried to get the love handles but she kept moving.

This is her Geez's dress that she let Jane borrow. I just love it. It looks like she is taking her school picture. My little doll baby.

Waiting for the Dr. for our 9 month appointment. There isn't much to do for 20 minutes in a Dr.'s office.

She is getting too big too fast. I think we may have a walker very soon.

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  1. I just love the ZTA strawberry outfit!!! She's sooo beautiful Leigh! :) xoxoxo