Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little of this and keep the Grandparents (and Great) happy!

We are in the process of trying to move into a new house. I haven't mentioned it because we have run into more problems, bumps, obstacles; you name it, it has happened. So until we get the house I am not posting any pictures or talking too much about it.
Anyways, despite moving we have managed to get Jane to all of her activities. She has started "swim" lessons. For Jane this means social 1/2 hour and for me it is something to get her out of the house and wear her out. Jane just does her tricks and looks at the other kids rather than focuses on learning to swim. As you can see below she was much more interested in getting her picture taken for this blog post than doing any swimming.

Are you getting this Dad? We should have taken a picture of Will at this point because he has our huge camera around his neck and video taping the lesson. What a dork!

I was giving Jane a bath the other night and after I washed her hair it began to dry. If you knew me when I was younger you know my children have no hope. Throw Will into the mix and we have serious issues.
Case and Point:

Where do we even start? She doesn't even have that much but this is what we are starting with!

Don't worry baby, Mommy will buy you a flat iron.

She just looked cute this day so you know me I had to document.

Happy Memorial Day! My sweet husband planned an amazing Memorial Day for us but unfortunately our plans were rained out.
"Dad, you are such a goofball."

Alright, I will go along with this.

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  1. Leigh, the Father's Day slideshow was amazing... I got teary watching it! Y'all have so many great photos. I also LOVE seeing all of Jane's adorable outfits in your last post - OMG!!! She is more precious than ever. I must see her soon!! Hope y'all are settling into the house ok. Talk soon.