Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Tooth, New Attitude

I never thought it would get here but Jane FINALLY has a tooth. It hasn't come in all the way but it is there. I can see it! I have been blaming her occasional fits and middle of the night parties she likes to throw on teething for months. As I found out from the Dr., nope, she is just rotten. I am not sure why but with this new tooth has come a new attitude. Jane lets you know what she wants and when she wants it.
Lets take for example yesterday at breakfast. I fixed her a wildberry buckwheat waffle. As I am breaking up this waffle and putting it on her tray (as she likes to do everything herself now) she starts with the first piece I put down, picks it up and licks it. She obviously didn't like the way it tasted so she put it to the side. She did this with every piece I put on her tray.
Example 2. Lunch (the same day) I like to finish all of one thing before moving on to the next at a meal. Jane I guess doesn't agree with this. She will take a couple of bites of her yogurt and then point to something else on the display. Have a couple of bites of that and point to something else. ROTTEN.
My mother came into town last weekend and taught Jane a couple of new tricks. Jane finally learned to clap the correct way and my mom finished it off with, "Throw it in the pan.!" Jane then puts her hands in the air. She also taught her to cock her head to the side when you say, "I love you." Jane of course does this when she wants something that she thinks we may not give her. Jane's favorite thing to do is push around her shopping cart and throw the ball back and forth. Last Sunday I took a video of this:

Here are some pictures too:

So big!


  1. So exciting about her tooth coming in! (although I just love her gummy smile) I love seeing her close to walking with her shopping cart! I hope to see Jane and her new tricks soon!! Let's talk soon... want to hear when you're going home next. Miss you!

  2. Ha! So cute! We can't wait to see Jane soon. :)

  3. Love her!! A tooth, yay! Sophie is hot on her tail... I think we have a bottom tooth or two on their way up. Miss you guys!