Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moving with a 9 month old....enough said.

We have recently moved. It is amazing how going from a tiny house (and by tiny I mean 752 sq. ft and I said house) to a bigger one can change your life. I am enjoying the space so much I find myself not wanting to add furniture in it for fear it might feel cramped. We are basking in the space and empty closets. Let me tell you what we weren't basking in.....moving with a 9 month old.
Jane was such a trooper. I know everyone thinks their child is the best and I know Jane has her moments but in this situation, she really was the best. I will admit we had help from Blue's Clues and a weekend with the Young's, but we did so much with just the three of us. Including packing up a Uhaul just to unpack it the next day back into our old house. A story for another day. We are still a little heated about that one. Jane just played right there with us. She slept in her pack and play while we painted until midnight, to then wake her up and take her home. She opened and closed doors for hours. That is her favorite. She also loves looking at herself in the mirror and occupied some time making faces at herself. She has such a go with the flow attitude and it makes things so easy.
I will post some picture of the house with befores and afters as we do some work. It needs a bunch. This little old lady we bought it from LOVED wall paper.
Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. You know no matter what we are doing I can always find some time to snap some pics.

Jane loves being chased. She will egg you on and then try and crawl away as quickly as she can. Her other favorite game is, "Where's Jane?" She decided to play with a paper towel roll while we were moving.

Where's Jane?

There she is!

She was just too cute this day. Another one of her Geez's dresses.

Not these though. Jane got these at one of her showers. How cute are they?

Mrs. Anita, Ms. Bryan and Mrs. Maxine gave her this dress at her shower. Thank you so much! It looks precious on her.

Jane is quickly learning to cruise. She won't be walking for a bit but she is on the move and trying so hard.

We bought this onesie for Jane last year at the Master's. I never thought she would get here much less be wearing it this soon. Time has flown.

Will LOVES to put his glasses on her. Especially in stores. She will go around the entire store with them on. Of course people think it is hilarious. I think Daddy loves the attention too : ) !

I think my favorite moments with Jane lately have come while she is eating. She is at an age where she is understanding so much and has the most hilarious sense of humor. Jane is one funny girl and loves to show off. I gave her a Nutra Grain bar one day and this is what happened. Notice the hair on the side where she rubbed the fruit part all in it. She thought she was hilarious.

We had to take a bath and get it all off of her. She didn't care. She loves her baths.

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